Call for participation in the first market survey for the "Integrated grid planning for the energy system of the future" of the transmission system operators (TSOs and TSOs)

The survey aims to collect information on the future generation (including power-to-gas plants), feed-in, storage and use of hydrogen as well as the electricity consumption of large-scale consumers (including large-scale battery storage) of individual market participants and gas distribution system operators (DSOs). Market participants are called upon to report their requirements on the joint query platform by 22 March 2024:

The market enquiry forms the basis for reliable and coordinated infrastructure planning and is a milestone for sector coupling. Use the opportunity to identify specific expansion requirements for electricity, gas and hydrogen grids in the early planning phase of the grid development plans.

The climate policy targets for the decarbonisation of the various sectors have been set. This transformation poses enormous challenges for the economy. The aim is to create planning security with regard to the future energy supply. To achieve this, specific requirements for the supply of hydrogen must be known so that the corresponding infrastructure can be developed and a reliable energy supply can be ensured in the future. This platform for market enquiries for hydrogen projects should help us to record your requirements and take them into account in a structured way in network planning processes. Another aim is to dovetail the development plans for the electricity, gas and hydrogen infrastructures more closely and thus enable cross-sector planning.

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