Green Tech Start up Night in BIC Kaiserslautern

Ecoliance GreenTech Innovation GmbH presented its services, as did Ecoliance member nEcoTox GmbH. The first GreenTech Startup Night took place on November 7 at BIC Kaiserslautern and was an excellent networking event for all participants. We hope that our cooperation partner BIC Kaiserslautern will continue the series of events with GreenTech start-ups next year.

State Secretary Petra Dick-Walther, MWVLW, opened the first Startup Night at the Business + Innovation Center Kaiserslautern (bic), which focused on Greentech. Seven Rhineland-Palatinate start-ups with effective solutions for the energy of the future and the circular economy demonstrated the innovative strength of the location.

A total of seven start-ups from all over Rhineland-Palatinate presented innovative solutions for the energy transition and circular economy: Wendeware AG, Greenable GmbH, Circunomics GmbH, nEcoTox GmbH, Ecoliance Greentech Innovation GmbH, Evolime GmbH and LADE GmbH. The range of topics was diverse: smart energy management, product carbon footprint, reuse of Li-ion batteries from e-cars, ecotoxicology, innovative production for bicycles and the role of e-cars as well as establishing contacts with municipal customers including funding advice.

"Reconciling economic, social and environmental sustainability in business is complex and multi-layered, which is why different solutions are needed. In the best case scenario, these complement and accelerate each other," says Dr. Corinna Faust-Christmann, project manager at bic. This is where the Startup Nights come in: Bringing like-minded people together, facilitating exchange and making the startups' ideas visible to everyone.

The keynote speech by Andreas Luthe, goalkeeper of 1. FC Kaiserslautern, was entitled "Teamwork for a sustainable future". The key messages of his speech were to see oneself as part of the global population team and to contribute one's strengths in order to make a difference together.

"It is no coincidence that the "Startups Nights - Technology Transfer in the Start-up Scene" project is being held in bic. Kaiserslautern is the technology capital in Rhineland-Palatinate and so the bic, as a technology center with state participation and incubator, plays a key role for the startup scene," said State Secretary Petra Dick-Walther in her opening speech.

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