Open-industry business trip to India

We would like to remind you of the open-industry business trip to India led by Daniela Schmitt, Minister of Economic Affairs, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture, from October 20 to 26, 2024.

India has been the most populous country in the world since mid-2023. Economically, the subcontinent will also soon become a world power. In terms of gross domestic product, India's economy is currently in fifth place. According to forecasts, its annual economic output will overtake that of Germany and Japan by the end of the decade.

Due to its economic strength and the diversification of foreign trade, the country in South Asia is increasingly becoming the focus of German companies. This is reflected in growing bilateral trade with Germany. In 2022, the two countries traded goods worth 30 billion US dollars for the first time.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, we cordially invite you to an industry-open business trip to India. Discover the business capitals of Mumbai and Hyderabad with us from October 20 to 26, 2024. You can find all information about the trip here.

Take the opportunity to present your company and exchange ideas with local companies and experts. Individually tailored B2B meetings with potential business partners will also enable you to initiate new business relationships.

It is still possible to register for the trip.

We look forward to your participation in the trip!

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