Good ventilation saves lives

Every person exhales about 8 litres of air per minute, which has been in intensive contact with the lung tissue. The air exhaled therefore contains not only CO2 (0.3 litres/minute) but also tiny droplets of liquid (aerosols) which, due to their size, can float in the air for a long time. If the person in question is infected with the virus, these droplets can also contain virus particles.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Uwe Gollmer from the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld explains here (in German) how the Octopus IoT kit can be used to build a risk assessment tool.

You can find out more about the UCB's IoT workshop and interesting projects from the world of the Internet of Things (e.g. sensor technology and rapid prototyping) here (in German).

IoT-Oktopus with sensor technology for the realisation of fascinating projects from the world of the Internet of Things.


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