Environmentally friendly metal recycling through nationwide unique process innovations

Process innovations can lead to considerable savings in emissions and energy costs in daily operations. In the case of our Ecoliance member, Theo Steil GmbH, they even help reduce organic air emissions by 60% in the context of metal recycling.

This is made possible by a new, year-round dry separation technology that replaces the conventional, wet separation technology. As a result, 1,850 cubic metres of fresh water can be saved annually, and energy costs can be avoided by eliminating the need for water purification. Upgrading the plant with flow-optimized piping and an efficient control system even allows CO2 savings of 54 %.

The complete encapsulation of the processing of the shredder light fraction in a hall is also unique in Germany, which goes beyond the current state of the art. This enables the company to save 3.39 tons of dust per year.

The projects have been launched as part of the environmental innovation programme. Its aim is to demonstrate harmonious objectives between new technical processes and industrial production, combining ecological and economic advantages.



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