Ecoliance executive committee meeting at Premosys GmbH

On the 09.01.2020 the Ecoliance executive committee visited Premosys GmbH in Kalenborn-Scheuern. The company develops and manufactures optoelectronic systems for colour recognition and colour measurement, both for self-luminous objects (LEDs) and body colours (fabrics, tobacco, dough, glue, coffee, bottles etc.). They also develop customer-specific control electronics and software.

Among other things, the executive committee had the opportunity to convince itself of the wide range of applications of the measuring systems of the medium-sized company with its more than 20 employees. Within milliseconds, the systems can evaluate the colour of food, granulates and films, check displays to detect pixel errors or analyse liquid plastic to avoid discolouration caused by the addition of recycled plastic.

With its GG Detector®, the company is also making its contribution to digitalized and nature-compatible agriculture in the agricultural sector. The sensor is attached to an agricultural machine driving in the field and is able to differentiate crops from weeds and to treat the soil chemically, mechanically or thermally only where it is ultimately necessary. Thus, it is possible to move away from the widespread treatment of soils and to save up to 90% of the resources used so far.

Marcel Hommes, graduate engineer and head of the „Marketing and Sales“ department, was able to report that today half o the products are sold abroad. The optoelectronic systems, for which research is being carried out in Kalenborn-Scheuern and which are developed and assembled there, are thus mainly used in the USA, Mexico and the Asian region.

Premosys welcomes the Ecoliance executive committee and the research project in Kalenborn-Scheuern.

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