Ecoliance companies are part of the MINT National Park Region Hunsrück-Hochwald plus supported by three Rhineland-Palatinate ministries

Digitisation, climate change, recruiting skilled workers or demographic changes in rural areas are increasingly encountered in everyday life. Many questions arise in connection with this: How, for example, can digitalisation be used in the private sector, in education or even in agriculture? What are the options for tackling climate change? And how can skilled workers be kept in rural areas in particular?

Mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology (MINT) play a key role in answering all these questions.

For this reason, the MINT Regions funding competition was again announced this year by the Ministry of Education, Economics and Science. The Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, Trier University of Applied Sciences, convinced the jury with its concept. With immediate effect, the "MINT National Park Region Hunsrück-Hochwald plus" is one of the Rhineland-Palatinate MINT regions.

As one of the two winning regions, it will be funded over a period of two years. The aim of the MINT National Park Region is to bundle the region's existing competencies in the field of MINT education and to strengthen the associated network. Initially, all already implemented, established and evaluated offers will be brought together.

Subsequently, contents and methods are to be passed on to teachers, trainers and multipliers in general in the extended national park region. In this way, the contents conveyed can be incorporated into practical teaching and training in the long term and also make free offers possible. In the long term, the aim is to counteract the leaving of rural areas by skilled workers. In particular, the "Train-the-Trainer" approach and the extensive network were praised by the jury.

In addition to the Environmental Campus, which is also responsible for project coordination, Ecoliance companies participate in the project. The SHK-Fachverband, the Steil Group and Rhenocoll are involved. The companies are involved when offering excursions to schools and, if required, presenting guest lectures in schools. They also maintain close contact with schools and universities by acting as premium partners for internships, project work and theses.

Took part in the award ceremony: Prof. Gabriele Hornung, Prof. Naumann, Economics Minister Wissing, Lara Hoffmann (UCB), Education Minister Hubig, Christian Hingst (Science Ministry) and Prof. Gollmer | Photographer: Peter Pulkowski

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