30. years engineering company Dr. Siekmann + Partner mbH

It is now 30 years ago that - at that time still quite young - gentlemen decided over a glass of beer to run their own engineering office.
The first order was acquired on the Domplatte in Cologne. This was the support of another office in the preliminary planning of a sewage treatment plant.
What began 30 years ago in a room of the old post office in Kempenich with 3 employees and a technically modest equipment - counter openings were converted into drawing boards, we built a copy machine from two discarded machines of the Rhein-Zeitung together, our first fax machine took 5 minutes to send a DIN A4 page and from the deep Westerwald we bought a used drawing board - has developed into a company with about 70 employees at 3 locations (Thür/Simmern/Westerburg). In the meantime, data-secure server infrastructure for cross-location cooperation, IT-supported project management and controlling, and building information modeling are part of everyday life.

At the end of the year, the generation change was initiated. Dr. Klaus Siekmann and Norbert Schumacher have retired from management. We are pleased that they will continue to advise and plan our engineering company. With the departure of the two gentlemen, Dr. Thomas Siekmann has moved up to the management level. In addition to Jürgen Jakob and Stefan Wickert, he is now the third managing director to lead the company.

Our philosophy is to work close to our clients in order to be able to react quickly to their needs. This applies in particular to site management. The success of our business in recent years confirms our decision in favour of decentralisation. Furthermore, visions and the courage to tread new paths are necessary for the continued existence of a company. We have always faced up to the changing times, looked for new fields of activity and adapted our range of services to the market.

About 10 years ago, we developed the two-stage compact digestion system. This is an economical process for the production of a high-quality biogas even in smaller sewage treatment plants. This can significantly improve the energy situation at wastewater treatment plants. For the development of this process, we were awarded the Environmental Prize of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate in 2012. In 2016, we received an award at the German Civil Engineering Award ceremony. The two-stage compact digestion system has since established itself as a success story throughout Germany.

Close cooperation with universities and ministries continuously updates the state of knowledge and promotes the network.
In addition to our core competence in "(waste)water infrastructure", other areas of expertise also determine today the our daily work such as flash flood and flood prevention, traffic facilities, urban development and spatial planning, geoinformation systems and surveying.
Well positioned, with a great team and the technical know-how we expect with excitement what the future will bring in terms of tasks and exciting projects.

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